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Indian Ocean Forum > Maldives
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Maldives
This seemed a very empty page, so I thought I'd post a message. If anyone is thinking of going to the Maldives (excellent idea) I have been to Ari Beach, Kuredu, Kanifinolhu and Meerufenfushi if you want information.

posted : July 15, 2005 Post subject: Maldives
Hi Jan,

I've only just discovered your message (and this site!). I'm off to Meerufensushi at the end of September. My partner and I plan to do the PADI Open Water course there.

Any tips for me? I'm a complete beginner, other than introductory pool sessions.

Thanks in advance.


Paul Airs
posted : July 25, 2005 Post subject: Maldives
Any recommendations for Dive sites etc to visit. Going to Meeru soonish, any advice appreciated

Ben Fairfax
posted : September 29, 2005 Post subject: Maldives
Hi, my name is Ben.
I am starting a PADI Open water dive course in a couple of weeks. I will be staying at Meeru for one week in late Nov.
I would appreciate any advice on dives you recommend. I will have only have done the 4 required open water dives (in Stoney Cove, UK) by the time I reach Meeru.
Thank you.

posted : October 9, 2005 Post subject: Maldives
Hay Jan,
I'm of to the Maldives arrive on the 6th Nov one week and looking for some cheap accomadation on a good dive Island Best I've come up with is adsu sun island us$ 65, which is not doubt a great price but seems to a little laid back for diving But heard merru island near by is better but have no price.
Hopefully you may have some information that can help me. As Id rather pay for quality diving and say budget if possable.
Thank you
Adam From Aust

posted : January 3, 2008 Post subject: Maldives
Hi Jan
I am looking to travel to the Maldives in March this year. I have done lots of reading bought all the books but the info I get the more confused I become.

I have read the threads and forums and still there are contradictions or one persons advice is not that of another?

This is my first time and I don't want to make any mistakes and spend my holiday thinking 'if only I had gone there or done that'?

I will be diving from the shore and as I understand the Monsoon during March is in the North East (Girlfriend likes the sun while on holiday) can I be sure that the diving in the Southern areas of the Maldives will fulfil my diving requirements, Sharks, Mantas and the like?
I understand the plankton in the North during this period attracts Mantas and Whale Sharks but like I said it will be difficult to convince the missus to endure rain storms just so I get to dive with big fish. (She's a none diver) I have dived with many species of sharks and whales but never Mantas or Whale Sharks. I am not expecting to see Whale Sharks however I would like to give my self the best chance and be in the right location. I would also kick myself if I went to the Maldives and did not photograph a Manta!!!!

I hold the Master Scuba Diver rating and have dived, Indonesia (Bali, 2 visits), Vietnam, Thailand (Phucket and Krabi 2 visits), Red Sea (4th visit) I have always wanted to go to the Maldives so I am quite keen not to make mistakes. What I have learnt from my travelling is to listen to those who have been and learn from there experience, I have saved a lot of wasted time doing this in the past and continue to do so even to the places I have been many times before.

I would appreciate any advice or info you could offer me.

Many thanks for your time in advance.


posted : February 12, 2010 Post subject: Maldives
For anyone looking for information on Maldives, there is a page here


also a link to another website on this page which can answer all your questions from a land based holiday perspective

posted : October 20, 2010 Post subject: Maldives
Out of the islands you have visited did you stay on any. Which are the best for diving. My brother is looking to go for his honeymoon. He is looking for accommodation all inclusive.

Can you give me your thoughts on this please

posted : January 24, 2012 Post subject: Maldives
Im a Maldivian and i have worked As a diving instructor all over Maldives for 12years.If anybody would like to get information or organize a dive holiday you are most welcome to contact me.

Yoosuf Riffath
posted : February 13, 2014 Post subject: Maldives
The Maldives is host to some of the best dive sites and top diving locations in the world. It is one of the world’s premier destinations for scuba diving holidays, with hundreds of unique and great dive sites dotted around the beautiful island nation.Maldives can satisfy all your holiday needs. Whether it is honeymoon, wedding destination, relaxation, family trip, and adventure trip or just to spend time far from the material world, Maldives can fulfil all.Capital tours and travel can satisfy all your holiday needs with their wide range of travel services.